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I've been playing some really fun but not the most popular builds recently. Its got me thinking about a list of things worth experiencing before you finish with the game for good. There may be two types, stuff to have a go at, and things for the more dedicated (addicted) folk.

Some thoughts:

Have a go at:
Tracking a self found grail.
Finish all 7 classes in hell.
Join a tournament.
Try Hardcore.
Get a Guardian
Experience time travelling.
Try all the common cookie cutter builds

For the more dedicated
Win a tournament.
Get Guardians in all 7 classes.
Come up with a new idea!
Complete a self found grail.
Complete all runewords
Hit level 99.
Rack some of the great uniques in 1.07
Complete all the builds from cookie cutter to crazy.
Work on Zod God/Perfect Grail/Eth grail lists

Lots more possible things could go in here, what would you add? It might be good for keeping around some of old timers, and also for the newer people, give them some ideas of what is on the horizon/pipedreams.

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Good idea actually! I have yet to do any of those "have a go at" on the bucketlist, so thank you I will use them for reference and attempt them. I have nothing to add, but great list and it's nice that's it's broken into a new player section and an advanced player section.


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You can never finish this game. :D

For good.
Quoted for truth !!! And believe me, I tried ...

Copy/paste from another post of mine, which basically contained my bucketlist:

  • get my 'A Lack of Information' character to Guardian
  • get my 'Revenge of the 99ers' character to level 99
  • do the TC3 challange (either solo or as tournament)
  • get at least one of each class to Guardian; currently I have a Guardian Amazon, Assassin and Sorc (deeded, so a remake is in order), Druid is in Act 3 Hell, Necro in Act 1 Hell, Barb in Act 2 Normal, Paladin not started yet
  • make a very good RFO runner (could be a new one, the to-be-99er, one of the HC characters)
  • make a very good MFO runner (same as above)
  • join various tournaments here
  • come up with a tournament myself
  • do an Oskill Sept; I had this idea and the gear already before I joined here, but since it's on my tainted SC characters, I'll probably not do it until I can proceed with my clean HC or SC stash; planned characters were Berserk Druid, Wolfbarb, WW Assassin, Vengeance Necro, Zealsorc, Bear Paladin and Bear or Zeal Zon; yes, I know, that's only 6 different builds and one double up, but I couldn't think of a 7th one, and found the idea too good to pass on
  • finish my grail; this one has very low priority though, and I might get at least close to this one if I somehow manage to do all of the above ;)
  • find a Cham and Zod, as those are the only 2 runes I haven't found yet; again, low priority, and something (at least the Cham) that might happen when doing the above
  • join various tournaments here on the SPF
  • make some other interesting characters; note that it says 'some', but in SC I ended up having about 25 - 30 characters, not counting my 2 Septs; I very well see myself doing the same in HC

Playing previous versions or doing time traveling doesn't really appeal to me. I have done some 1.07 some time ago, but it felt so slow, I couldn't really bring myself to it.


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A few years back we had the "my goals for year XY" thread and at the end of the year a review thread. I'm on my cell phone though and looking up old threads is tedious with my phone :p

But yeah, there is always something left to do... Try the perfect ethereal grail if you think you're almost done with the game ;-)

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Have to admit at this point the main thing I would suggest to another D2 player is to have fun. It would be dishonest to say I didn't regret how much time I've spent on D2 on at least some level, but the only time I've spent regretting what I was in the act of doing was when I was doing things to check them off some list I felt I needed to check off. LK runs, tournament characters, hardcore, running for level 99, a hammerdin, all of these were things that made me not want to play the game and in most instances led to breaks of various lengths from frustration and burnout.

I'm not saying those things are bad, or that people shouldn't do them, just that they aren't fun or interesting or engaging to me and it took me longer than I'm proud to admit to realize that there's no reason to do anything other than what I want to do, which as it turns out is mostly run AT. Also sometimes to make weird characters (gl with your o-skill sept, @T72on1, I enjoyed my Berserker Druid considerably,) but mostly to run AT.

Still, it's cool to have goals and lists like this can help folks to find cool things they do want to do which is awesome, I just want to remind everyone to not feel like you're bound by anyone's list but your own, and to fill that list with stuff you actually want to do.


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Exactly. I do this to have fun. I've burnt out a few times, I've had Shinier things come along. When the fun goes and its work I stop.

I wanted people to be aware of things they might not have otherwise thought of or missed a thread. Some off people will do all on the list. Some might pick up one new thing.

Some of my harder/ less interesting characters I've started over 10 years ago and they are slow moving but I'm not giving up. Just pacing myself.

I have been loving my wolfbarb but until he could equip the hat he was slow and boring. I am so glad I persevered. These days you could do something else then respec but that is wrong to me


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@maareek Completely agree with you. Most of the veterans out here will know this, but it never hurts to point it out again. Newer people might indeed take some of the things on the lists here as a 'I should really do this', which could be a major cause for burnout.


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I think I'm the only person that has Guardianed a character I initially tried to sabatoge in a Pass It On Tourney
So I'll put that up for a Bucket List item just so I can feel Special

My list is pretty short:
-Finish my Sept
-Play with silly Runewords that other people don't really use
-Make a contribution to SuperChest knowledge
-Guardian my naked Barb

I doubt I'll even get through half of it though


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-Make a contribution to SuperChest knowledge
Get back to the RoF and find a Jah AND Cham! :p

Seriously though, I've been pondering heading back there for another run at it. Last I remember we were pulling ahead of LK with a couple of the pattern sets, which was pretty cool.


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I'm actually still dabbling in the RoF

The Diablo gods have just been stingy now that I have concrete rune desires


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what are the best drops in there so far? How many patterns (sorry, i'm time poor, otherwise i'd look myself) i'm guessing there are no similar things in act 5?


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Have yet to crack a Sur
roughly 25 patterns so far, if similar to LK there should be ~75 total, so 1/3 discovered.

I think in Act V it's difficult to get clustered Super Chests ,so you can only set up for 1 pop per run (LK can get 6 pretty easy, RoF 2 is standard 3 if you get a rare map). Again, if I remember right, a Zod has been farmed from an Act V Super Chest.


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what are the best drops in there so far? How many patterns (sorry, i'm time poor, otherwise i'd look myself) i'm guessing there are no similar things in act 5?
Notable things from RoF superchests so far are that Ohm and Lo have more patterns than LK, whereas Ist is now tied with LK at 6 patterns. Keep in mind this is significant because there have been WAY fewer runs done in RoF than LK, meaning there is more potential for even more patterns there. So it could theoretically be better if you're looking for specific runes.

The dream is that we can find a Jah or Cham pattern. I'd be happy too if we could get a Ber pattern in there, as we don't have any higher than Sur (2 patterns) right now.


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maybe there is a pattern for Jah AND Cham :D

If someone wants to remembered as a living legend, they would document all 65000 possible drops ;)


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Oh this. Seems I never got around to actually answer. Thought about it for awhile.

I had two clear goals in D2 SPF, and both of those were finished last year. They were level 99 char and finding every single unique and set in the game aka The Grail. But I'll try to scrap together some lesser goals for the rest of my d2 "career". My bucket list:

- Make a lot of Mat/Pat chars. Try out new items, builds etc. Have fun. <-- these would be the main goals if any...
- Improve my items and characters. For this day's MF/rune/gold whatever runners and for any of the upcoming Mat/Pat chars. This means making all kinds of farming projects every now and then.
- Finish all the runewords. I have only two left, and this is 1.13. Not gonna have a go for a 1.07 runeword Grail ;)
- Find a Zod. This will happen if it happens. Maybe, maybe not. Not gonna go for a x K cow runs project because of this
- Take a path towards Zod God, and make it farther than anyone ever before... :p
- Keep a book of my number of eth grailers. No clear goal numbers here, but I'm sure I'll still find a few down the road
- Participate in the upcoming MFO, RFO, Zodthon type of tournaments, whenever possible.
- Take a part of the actual play through -type of tournaments. Make a Guardian(s) here.
- Find, imbue, craft, create certain (/types of) items. This goes hand in hand with the improving chars though.
- I would really like to do more time traveling. Not in a hurry with this, but those visits in earlier patches would naturally have their own little goals there.