Idea on how to implement Auto-pickup

What's your thought on auto-pickup of materials, etc.?

  • Something like this would be good.

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  • I'd rather have a cosmetic pet do it.

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  • Have the goblin from the Puzzle Ring do it as well.

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  • Blizzard is right, I don't think it's needed at all.

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It appears that for some reason Blizzard doesn't want to add one of the most wanted quality of life changes to have the option of auto-pickup for materials, etc. I can kind of see that might devalue seeing them drop at all, but it's still a pain in the butt to sift through everything on the ground to find what you want. Maybe instead of just a passive pet that is usually requested, they could offer it as an item set so there would be an actual tradeoff between power and the convenience of auto-pickup. Here's my suggestion to add a new set to fill that roll.

The Scavenger's Collection would be a 3 piece jewelry set with each piece having an individual legendary property (similar to Krelm's set).

Scavenger's Loupe
Set Amulet
  • x% chance for a random gem to drop when an identified item with a socket does.

Scavenger's Knuckle
Set Ring
  • x% chance to drop a Death's Breath after a Mighty Blow or earning a Massacre bonus.

Scavenger's Magnet
Set Ring
  • x% chance to drop a material of the same type when an item does.

(2) Set:
  • Automatically collect any stackable items included in the storage tab or stored in your inventory by walking near them. (Increased by pick-up radius)
(3) Set:
  • Treasure Goblins spawn in pairs.
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Your post is really helpful for me, i will keep following to your post to see if you have any other good ideas. Thank you!