i'd love it if this guy were my neighbor...



149 uses of the word "evil"
103 instances of him calling someone stupid

Yup... a find example of irrefutable proof. :D Anytime people start using the word "evil" in an article my eyes start glazing over.

People like this should be locked up.

Hippie Holocost

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hmm.... never heard of time cube but guess what....

I just created 8 24 hr days within your narrow minded 24 hr day, YOU ARE ALL STUPID AND EVIL!!!!! ;)


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i don't know if this guys dumb for saying stuff like that... or because he put all that text on a white background... ugh...


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Damn... my vision went all blurry... seeing those bright colors in that white backround... and a lot of those comments I didn't understand, but interesting nonetheless.

*Rubs eyes before exiting the thread.*


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Proving Human Stupidity:

"Humans are educated so stupid that they cannot
comprehend the fact that
the Sun shining upon Earth
creates 4 different configurations we know as midnight, sunup, midday
and sundown simultaneously.
Each created quadrant,
quarter or corner rotates
to create its own 4-corner square for its Time Cube.

You are so stupid that you
do not know that your top
bottom, front, back, left
and right sides are created
at the same Time. When
Sun shines upon Earth,
the 4-corner Earth Day is created simultaneously, but
each corner represents a
single corner lifetime stage
of human metamorphosis as
in baby, child, parent and
Grandparent. Educated
stupid humans have not
the rationale to understand
4-corner metamorphosis.

You are stupid and evil and
do not know you are stupid
and evil."



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Hehehe, this is actually the page I'll be presenting in my graphic design class on Wednesday as "worst website I've ever seen". Funny as hell though.