Ice Bow Sorc?


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Ice Bow Sorc?


Would an Ice Bow sorc work? *Purely PVM*

Lets say Ice in a Great Bow
* Ignores Target Defence

Infinity Merc

Dream Helm
(possibly dragon armour?) I know this is apparently poor and adds minimal dmge?

Not sure on the rest of the gear, my real question is will holy freeze and Lightning hurt monsters enough for PVM and will the "Ignores Target Defence" allow for a poor AR?

Cold mastery
Light mastery
Fire Mastery


EDIT: If this has been done before can some1 point me in direction of the link as searching for "Ice" is hard :p


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yes and no. yes, if you use any sort of elemental damage you can multiply it through sorc masteries. no, it probably won't work unless you get some dex because itd doesn't work vs bosses.

imho, dream is the best because lightning masteries is the highest. with +skills i can get up to 400%.

look for runewords/items with +to ar. i like bloodraven a lot because of its + to ar.


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in theory, it should work, but in practice, guided arrow seems to do nothing a lot of the time. there are some tricks, such as aiming behind the target which will give you an extra hit, but otherwise it gets foiled by boss blocking and normal attack frames.

imho, a very cool build would be harmony or hellrack (with 2X 1-100 lightning damage jewels) and all three masteries with enchant for AR, and barely enough points left over for inferno to synergize it.