ias vs ed


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ias vs ed

I'm trying to kill Baal but basically i can't deal enough damage quick enough.

I don't have too much trouble staying alive but I'm too slow.

I've got full Mavina's set and more than anything I'm trying to understand how best to socket it. I've got one socket in helm, bow and armour.

I've tried looking here : http://www.diabloii.net/strategy/x-articles/bowsocketing2.shtml which gives me some guidance but it doesn't actually give me the formula for how to work out the damage per second.

I ask for this because I don't have any 40%ed or 40/15 jewels and aren't likely to get any.
Basically my choice seems to be either socket all 2 items with 15ias giving me 100 ias total and therefore the 90 breakpoint and stick an ed jewel in the other . Or stick with the 70 ias i have from the helm and bow and stick ed in all 3 socketables.

Or make Harmony?


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What amulet are you using? If you aren't using Atma's Scarab, get one. Against Baal it effectively triples your damage.

I would definitely socket for speed (IAS). Also, add the 1 ED jewel to the bow for greatest effect. You can also use just a Shael in the bow and thus free up the remaining 2 sockets for ED or whatever.

Finally, if your merc doesn't have any CB, consider a gear swap to get him some.