Ias question for my were bear pally

Ias question for my were bear pally

with a beast war spike and max concetrion how much ias would my pally need with the bear attack to reach 4-5 frames


Here is a link for all were-form speed and IAS calculations:


I think with concentration, Slvl 9 Fanat (29% SIAS), 40% weapon IAS (WIAS), with a War Pike (werefrom base speed -20) you're looking at:

Frames---Non-skill, non-weapon IAS (OIAS)
13------------------0 %
12------------------20 %
11------------------49 %
10------------------107 %

The fastest you can go is 10 frames.


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assuming beasted war spike:: level 9 fanat (29% skill ias), beasted ias (40 percent) is 7 frames per attack. If you add 10 or more outside ias, then you hit 6 frames per attack. a better idea would be to get beast and all the general plus skills you can get on switch (beast, lidless, maras, etc.) and prebuff to higher levels of werebear/lycanthopy. switch over to attack with a phase blade with 110 wias on it and you will hit 4 frames per attack, any aura. It has its uses, trust me.



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110% IAS is needed for a druid, since druid has an inherently slow attack speed. For a pally in werebear form, only 60% IAS on a phase is needed to reach 4-frame. If 5-frame is OK, then Azurewrath with ed/ias jewel would be good.


Yup, Welt is right as usual:

7----------------0 %
6----------------6 %


Where did you get your numbers from? They're not even close to the wereform calculator's results.