IAS on what items?


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IAS on what items?

What items can have increased attack speed?
i know ammys, weapons, gloves.
can the other stuff have ias? for magic or rare items?
and if its only certain uniqes plz list them?

Mr Evil

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I know Goldwrap and Twitchthroe have IAS on them. Any helm, armour or shield can have IAS via a socketed jewel.


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Ammys: Only on Uniques: Cats Eye, Highlords
Helms: Only on Uniques/Sets: StealSkull, Mavina's Helm, Andariel's Visage, Demonhorn's Edge(barb helm)
Armor: Only on Uniques: Twitch, Crow Caw
Gloves: Many different rares/magic/uniques/sets
Belt: Uniques: Goldwrap, Nosferatu's Coil.
Boots: Sigon's boots with Gloves.

IAS can only be found on rare and magical Weapons/Gloves... nowhere else.


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Wearing IK gloves and another IK item gives 25 IAS! personnaly id opt for the boots beacuse then u get 25% MF as well!