I wish I could turn back time....


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I wish I could turn back time....

I died 2 times today, and after that my "connection was interrupted", and I could not even rejoin the same game after that. So I lost my enigma, last wish, strings of years, war travelers, shako....... I'm just hoping, that there is a way to erase everything I did today on battlenet, so I would have my items back..... Anny suggestions?


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I really really hate to hear that.

Unfortuantly you lost your enigma, last wish, strings of years, war travelers, shako....... and there is no way to get them back.

when you die multiple times the game gives you what is most valuable on your body money wise.

this is why when i die in a game i leave and make another way. it is not good to have multiple bodies laying around in a game if you can help it.

if you die leave and make another game your full body will be there and all your equipment with it.

sorry for your loss looks like you will have the fun task of getting all again.

Just to make sure i am clear there is no way to go back and reset battle net to get your stuff back its gone.

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the problem with the exit/enter process is that you dont get any lost exp or money back. =/ but its a whole lot better than losing that stuff...

i wish you luck bud.


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Characters get saved when somebody leaves the game or when a trade window transfer is finished, so either find a trustful friend for muling via the trade window or buy a second copy of the game, log in twice and mule stuff like that without help from others. Never let valuable stuff touch the ground.

BTW, with trustful friend I mean a person in your vicinity who is physically weaker than you, so you can beat him up if he screws it or doesn't give back your items. :evil:

Apart from that, sorry for your loss, but it's your own fault. You should have known that games crash from time to time. :tongue:


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how come ur items dissapear? i mean i sometimes die twice and leave the game, but i still get all my stuff back...


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Lengthy explanation and example :
Did you ever look at the selling price of your good items ? Gold value that is. No need to sell them, just check their price. If they are worth more then the cap, the only way to see their price would be to sell, but I advise against that unless you have a few million in stash.
Now compare that to when you sell a exceptional or elite armor to a vendor and the price the vendor charges for you to buy it back.
You will find the exceptional or elite armor is worth a great deal more in gold then your good items (not allways, just often).

Say, you die once, your corpse(1) lies there, surrounded by monsters.
That corpse has all your good items, which total a gold value of maybe 500 000

You could try to retrieve your corpse, to do this you might either run out there without items on or grab that spare armor you have in your stash.
When you grab that spare exceptional, non-unique armor, which might be worth 1 milion gold on it's own. You run out to get your corpse and you die again, because the monsters don't wait around for you to pummel them.

Now you have 2 corpses there.
corpse 1 with your good items, which have a gold value of 500 000
corpse 2 with just your spare armor, which has a gold value of 1 000 000

If you exit the game then, the game will only bring one corpse to the next game ; the corpse with the highest gold value.

When you run out to your corpse without items on, you might accidentally pick up and wear a (goldwise) valuable item, then you would be in the same situation as with the spare armor from your stash.

How to prevent this :
When you die and it is not one thousend percent certain that a person has cleared your corpse, don't risk your items and just exit and rejoin that game.
But, if you really want to risk your items, go back to your corpse without items and make very sure you do not pick anything up on the way.
Staves, Scepters, wands and exceptional or elite armors can be worth a whole lot of gold. And you wouldn't really notice if your bulky barbarian was holding a wand unless you where trying to hit something with it.

If your character is str bugged, make sure you are wearing your activation items if you do descide to go pick up your corpse. The other items will just jump into your inventory so long as you have space for them.


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thats why i always run to get my body naked, i use vigor and charge so i can get the fastest through the creeps..


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oh yeah, one other thing, make sure you type

this ensure you wouldn't pick up trash accidentally, unless you hold ALT.


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Yeah, I read everything after that last post.
Then it got me thinking about that 15kill corpse pop.


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Indeed it's a shame that corpses don't pop in such situations so all one would have to do is return to the game to reclaim the items which where on the corpses that didn't transfer to the next game.
But I guess such a feature would be abused by people who kill somebody, then drop several high gold value items around the corpse in the hope the person accidentally clicks one and then kill the victim again, causing the low gold value corpse to pop when the person leaves the game.