I was running around act 1... when....


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I was running around act 1... when....

I had my fps at the top of the screen.. and out of nowhere.. came

"4859 Stones of Jordan sold to Merchants"

I searched all the merchants too.. well the ones that were there.. has anyone else ever seen this.. and how do i take a screen shot, so i can show you guys!!!


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This message is about the World Event. Basically, once enough Stones of Jordan are sold on the server your game is on, the Diablo Clone will spawn. It is the only monster that can drop the Annihilus unique small charm.

If you see many messages about Stones of Jordan sold to merchants, it is because people (mostly dupers) are selling SoJ's on your server. Wait in the game to see if the Diablo Clone will appear (note he will only spawn in Hell difficulty)

It might seem confusing at first. Read about the World Event here: http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=223863

PS: You cannot buy back the Stones of Jordan that are sold.