I want your calculator!


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I want your calculator!

Ok, so here goes. After I finish my Javascript programming class, I will be taking my proctored exam for the semester. It's a 6 hour test that covers material from the 5 classes I took this semester. It is an open book test so I can use text books, reference books, notes and a calculator. Correspondence college for the win.

The test will cover:

  • Programming Essentials
  • Programming in HTML
  • English & Grammar
  • College Algebra
  • Programming in Javascript

So, here's the deal. I do not own a graphing calculator. Some of the college algebra is very difficult, nigh impossible to do without a scientific calculator (of the TI variety). So, if anyone out there has one of the TI-86/89/90 or whatever and DOES NOT need it for a while, I would like to borrow it. I'm currently probing my friends in the area who might have one but in case that search is fruitless, I wanted to probe you all.

*readies probe*

If someone is willing and able to send me their calculator, manual for it, cords and whatever else it needs, I will pay for the cost of shipping when I return it. I won't need it just yet. Probably not for a couple months. But, I do NOT want to get stuck with an algebra section without one. Taking that class was TORTURE without one and I will never do that again.

So, if you can do this, drop me a PM and I will keep your name in my pocket till it's time to send it. If I find one closer before then, I will let the person know so they don't have to send it. Like I said, I will reimburse for the shipping cost and insurance for up tp $100 if you want to insure it.

Um, I think that's all. Thanks!
ZeppelinAngel said:
mine's only a TI-83+ silver edition o_O
My sister has the newest one....that thing is freaking scary.....does everything including the windows...she has to use it for her college stuff though. IF you have a Palm Pilot or a laptop there are free programs out there that graph and such.


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Sergent, you can find a relatively cheap used calculators online from sites like amazon.com and ebay.com. You may need it next time so its best to own one.


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I'm thinking some clarification is in order. What I should have said was a scientific/graphing calculator.

So, if you have one, even a Ti-83 :xsmile: and you can part with it for a month or so, let me know and I'll pay for the shipping. Yes I realize I should just buy one. However, Josh is getting married in 17 days and moving his wife back to Illinois with him in 18 and there are much more important places for his money to be going at the moment.

I fully plan on getting one of my own this summer but, for now I just need to use one to get me through this exam in a couple months.

So, if you can part with it, PM me. Figure out what it will cost to send it and I'll pay the shipping. My fiance's dad has an HP one so I will check that out when I get to Salt Lake later this month. If it won't work out, I will still scour these boards for one.

Thanks again people, and congrats to all those who choose to send me donations that I can make on their behalf. I will process any donation someone sends me of their own free will. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL postal box to send donations. However, I have a home address and a PERSONAL post office box. If anyone wants to donate to this site and become a pal but can't because they can't/refuse to use paypal or don't have a bank account, find my donations thread or PM me.

I've already received one and received word from three others that donations are coming. So thanks again for everything, glad I can help.


I'd send you a Ti-83...is it okay if it says "Shanghai American School" on it and has a bar code?

PS: You're supposed to be working.


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Yeah, I think your best bet seems ebay or so, I did a little search and there's some stuff (TI-83 mostly) for 20 bucks.


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Intolerance said:
If I can find my Ti-92 (which I haven't used in years), it's all yours. I'll pm you when (if) I find it.
Excellent. I hope you find it then! :xgrin:

Lithium said:
Yeah, I think your best bet seems ebay or so, I did a little search and there's some stuff (TI-83 mostly) for 20 bucks.
That is where I will probably buy one from since I don't need a new one.