I want you to choose my merc!


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I want you to choose my merc!

Im using a blizzard soso so i want it to be strong and tank a lot.

This is what hes wearing,
reapers- for dmg and control
dream tiara - for style
Armor- Treachery or CoH

But heres the question, should i use a defiance, prayer, might, freeze merc?

I dont think prayer will help much without insight. Might might be cool for ll and dmg. Defiance- meh. Freeze- might be cool to cool everything down before i have to even aim.


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I think that with a pure blizzard sorc, you should be alternatively using Glacial Spike attacks to completely freeze mobs; therefore, Holy Freeze aura becomes superfluous.

I personally recommend Might, since being a pure cold (Blizzard) sorc, you will need all the help that you can get against Cold Immunes.

Also, having a stronger merc allows you to solo certain areas where Cold Immunes exist, with minimum trouble. Such is the case for Countess Runs, Baal, etc.