I want these T-shirts!


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Jesus saves... Thats a great one there. The wow cloth armor one i would like to own it too. :)


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The Jesus Saves one is a rip-off of a classic gamer shirt inscribed with the much snappier slogan 'Jesus Saves! ... The rest of you take damage.'

This is one of the better geek/nerd shirts I've seen recently;


(Warning! Rest of site pretty NSFW!)
T-shirt Hell, NSFW? ya don't say?!

And did any of you click on the Erol Otus link posted under the Jesus Saves tee? That dude has a warped imagination...



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I love that 'I hate This Map" shirt. If I had a quarter for every time I heard it, I could actually buy one of those shirts...
Also, the "I am not a geek". That is just 1337.....I mean good.

Ash Housewares

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should I take consolation in that I don't know what most of these mean?

/is totally ignorant regarding tabletop rpgs and physics

darn physics always trying to keep me down

edit -

I would like to see a

"I wagered $1337 on Jeopardy because I'm a @#$%ing loser!"

man, I hate that guy...