I want my soulstone back


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I want my soulstone back

Let's see if I have this down...

In hell, the Prime Evils must have had their own bodies once, since when they are exiled, they are described as "weakened and bodiless." Obviously having a body is important to them, since they go around posessing people. The Horadrim, in their pursuit, are forced to kill several posessed people to get the spirits of the Three out in the open, so they can "suck" them into the spiritual vacuum of the soulstones. Fair enough.

For Diablo and Mephisto, the soulstones are a convenient way to transfer their spirits to another body (just smash it into your skin, and voila, you've got a Prime Evil inside you).

But why does Baal want his back? He's already got a body (Tal Rasha's), and if he dies his spirit will get sucked into the nearest soulstone (conveniently placed on a string around his neck).

Why don't the Prime Evils just give their soulstones to Diablo so he can destroy them all at the hellforge on his way through hell--while they still have their respective bodies?

Sure, the soulstones were "corrupted," but obviously not enough so that Mephisto can spring out of it and into your body while he's in your backpack in act IV. As long as the stones can contain them for any length of time they'd be a nuisance to the Three.

It seems to me the Three should have destroyed the stones at the nearest opportunity once they were free; what more were they useful for?

And why was it necessary for them to lose their original bodies in the first place? Couldn't they have engineered their exile into the mortal world (as Izual says they did) with their bodies intact and avoid the soulstones altogether? Tyrael, Andariel and Duriel seem to have crossed over in corporeal form without too much trouble.

It all seems too convenient; the Prime Evils just happen to have their soulstones nearby so that when you kill their hosts, their spirits are immediately contained and neatly packed for their trip to the hellforge.

Any thoughts?


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It seems that they were at least in part still contained in their soulstones- for example, Baal could not reach full power without his.