I want my hammerdin back ><


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I want my hammerdin back ><

Today i came home from school.. And signed on my account and what do u know my favorite character with all my godly's is missing. A level 90 Hammerdin named "Dimensional" -.-' on Us east Ladder. I spent months finding and trading items for him.. and it will take so long to get them items back. i contacted blizzard and waiting for a answer regarding this issue. Maybe to confirm he is gone for ever. I think maybe my little brother deleted him >< after getting into a argument with him. Anywayz i never post on this forum but i thought i would vent out a little frustration.. I still have my Foh Pally Left and a Fireball Sorc But they Dun have any Runewords or Sojs. Maybe ill just wait till ladder resets before building another Hammerdin... If he where deleted by my Bro even no he wont confess do u think blizzard actually has logs of this stuff or could do anything about it ?

Items on char Gone
4/5/2 Cta Flail
Chamed Shako
Enigma Wirefleece
47%War Travs
28%Maras Amulet
187%Umed Hoz
4xCombat Gc

In stash


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I feel sorry for you , I really do. Go join the Single Players in our unadulterated Non hackable fun :) Once you find it, its yours. Plenty of Multi-player games - and NO JERKS or SPAM or dealing with Blizzard or add bots or .... well, you get the idea. We even have our own ladders and tournies. Join up!!


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this is sad lol. I hope blizzard can give it back to you but if not lets just pray for your pal on his 1 monthes jouney of hammering monster. Oh yea forgot about the stuff you let your pally wear.

if I were you right now I be pissed as hell and I would want to beat up my own bro in as a word from :)
i belive blizzard keeps some record of what gets deleted.

They might need ur Account and information before they allow the return of your player.

This is not to say they do. But i think they have like a Recyclebin or something. Where all deleted char go. Since the game is played through your isp and their servers i'm assuming they have backup files all over the place.

with the right amount of persistance you might be able to get it back. But i don't work for blizzard so i dont' know.

But i would try anyways.


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don't share an account with your brother.
there's no reason he can't have his own account.


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lol at the comments.. Yeah thing is we dont share accounts i left my computer on while diablo2 was connected to the server when i went out with my freinds. And yes he finally confessed he did delete that char along with a Runes Mule kept on the account. >< Still waiting from a answer to blizzard i hope they can bring him back. All his items where 100%legit no ebay bought stuff took months to obtain these... -.- yesterday i was so pissed i Uninstalled the game i love even no it was one char and i could start from scratch again but playing a hammerdin without Enigma just isnt the same Looses alot of fun and aspect of the locations he can reach with ease and quickness..


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blizzard states somewhere that once a character is deleted its gone from where it was stored forever and they cannot return it.

sucks to be you I guess


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reminds me of that day I was muling and my isp went down for 2 hours
I lost an um rune!!! dammit.
I'm not very rich so um is godly to me >.<