i want enigma

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There is a help&giveaway thread on top of this page http://www.rpgforums.net/showthread.php?t=321676

But never ask for highgear stuf, no one will give it to you, certain members may start to flame and the mods can give you an angry look.

Begging is not part of our policy here.

I reported the post, it'll most certainly be locked.
Also, if you find the need to reply to this, I suggest you read this part of the rules first:

Section III

4.For newer members :

Please do not feel offended or flame ayone here if the others here point out a mistake in your post, tell you that what you have posted is in the wrong forum, or suggest that you edit something out of a post, or if they suggest that you read the forum rules or direct you via link to these rules. They may not be Moderators or Admins on this site, but most have been here for some time and are trying to help you avoid getting in trouble or banned.
You can find this here: http://www.rpgforums.net/showthread.php?t=300784


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Almost liberating post. No lame excuses no "omg i was hacked" just FrEEPLZ! Funny.

btw how do you manage to mispell "me".. :lol:


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cscoolboy said:
plz giv em free enigma!!!
you gotta be kidding me..

(honestly i dont think he's serious.. more like joking around wasting a thread.)


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sheepe2004 said:
lol :clap:

i blame all those people making "free eni here xxx" games to mf in :rolleyes:
If you can convince 7 people you're giving away an enigma out of the kindness of your heart, you deserve a full MFing game. (actually, might not be such an impossible task on battle.net, but you know....)
what are you doing man? i showed you this forum to learn more about diablo not for you to beg other people! ugh what were you thinking
(sorry his my friend maybe he doesnt know the rules)

Ash Housewares

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ScruffyhawkIII said:
hes obviously just trying to cause trouble, this thread should have been ignored.
or reported because there seems to be a problem with begging and flaming beggars of late, in any case the thread will likely be locked because there is a thread for giveaways already


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I hate it when people think you need a enigma just to do anything. I thought this untill my sorc could hand meph his ass on a platter within 30 seconds. :mad:
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