I want a tank.


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Smelly said:
*runs in with a Timberwolf and takes out {KOW}Spazed, ER Lasers and LRM20's blasting, and machine guns pumping* Die!
iq144 said:
Screw mechs, I have an Armored Core (AC)
Pphh, I can own you BOTH! My Transformer would kick the crap outta your puny "robots." Optimus Prime is teh pwnage!


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HAH well I got um uh a uh....


MWHAHAHA I shall throw my pointy stick at all of you.

*impales random bystanders*
publius said:
I bet being hit by a tank round is strong enough to knock a man over!!!!!11!

acually lets say the shell is going x3 and the person is stand still then we'll factor in gravity so you'll need a high number in the equasion to knock him over so z3+(36-z2x)divided 25-36z-435- 3 which would equal 10 which is not enough to knock him over.


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You can have your tanks, and I'll have my Tank Killer. :D

A-10 Thunderbolt II baby! 1000 destroyed enemy tanks and counting.


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I can just use my stone that repels tank attacks. I have had it for 20 years, and I have never been attacked by a tank. Booya.