i want a quest like this...


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i want a quest like this...

somehwere around level 20 your wandering around the wilderness...you find what appears to be an uninhabited castle...you enter to search for loot but instead you find the Steel knights and a really tough unique but unnamed boss. So you kill him.

then you go back to town and talk to Cain:

"These fell knights you describe are all too familiar. Since Leoric's curse has been lifted, the enemy you defeated can only have been the Warlord of Blood!

"I've recently spoken with other learned men and we concluded that the "Warlord of Blood" and "Bartuc the bloody" are one and the same....subsequent incarnations of the same twisted soul. The path of Bartucs spirit can be traced through the conflicts of nearly 300 years. He has been slain many times but always seems to come back. I can only speculate why he sometimes he incarnates as a warrior rather than mage, but it is clear that he has no wish to leave this world.

"The tenacity of this evil sorceror is beginning to piss me off. [yes Cain will say that!] He must have some magical artifact--or several artifacts--tying his soul to this mortal plane. I can devise a spell to destroy these objects while you seek them out. Only then can you finally kill Bartuc for good.

"Be warned, my friend. Bartuc will be ready for your attack, and while Baal can no longer act directly in this world he will no doubt attempt to provide every advantage to one of his most destructive lieutenants.

"You should begin by finding the final resting place of Horazon. I do not beleive he died in his sanctuary. He may have left behind some books or other clues on how to fight his brother."

This (or some similar) multipart quest would run as sort of a subtext through a good portion of the game. It would give the adventurer some goal if they are momentarily directionless. It would also be purely optional.

now...the fun part is the final battle with Bartuc himself. depending on his opponent (you) he will spawn as a dark knight, summoner, sorceror, or battlemage (kinda like his council member form) according to your character type. he will also spawn with immunity or high resistance to your main attack. if there are two players he will spawn according to BOTH of their attacks...in a multi game he will simply spawn according to the first two people to enter the final level of his lair. This will of course be abused but you can't avoid that---you can't have him spawning immune to everything.

the number of artifacts will always be random between 3 and 6 :D so if its a lower number you will have a hard time being certain that you got them all. If you kill Bartuc without getting the last one he will respawn somewhere else in the game... and each patch introduces new possibilities for the locations and nature of the artifacts :D


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Re: i want a quest like this...

Yeah I liked it. the dialougue sounded quite realistic (except cain saying "piss me off"), and it has to do with old plots from older games