"I thought the redness, bumps, and genital irritation <

"I thought the redness, bumps, and genital irritation

were from shaving. But now I'm not sure."

Something tells me the advertisers here aren't the best at picking their target audience.

unless i'm the only one that doesn't shave his genitals :uhhuh:
Njx said:
You gotta shave man, everyone does it. Just be gentle.
Bah. I don't get it. I've brought up two daughters, so when I 'accidentally' see a picture of one of these hairless things, it looks like something that needs a diaper put on it.


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i make all different shapes out of my stuff. my latest creation was of the deathstar. in all reality though, ive never done anything to it. dont plan on it either.


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So when the model signed up for the photoshoot, did she know what text would be put next to her face? I wonder if that was part of the deal, or if she was just happy to get a gig.

"Hey, I know you -- aren't you that chick with the genital irritation?"


I have to shave, down there, in a couple weeks when I get a Vas done so I don't have more than the 4 kids I already have. Maybe I'll write up a little topic for it after I learn what needs to be done or if I find a technique that works. Of course if that would be more information than all of you need just say so and I'll keep my findings to myself.