i think i got banned...?


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i think i got banned...?

I was mfing earlier today doing some nm mephy runs when all of a sudden I got kicked off. When I logged back in, where my characters normally are it said; "Your connection has been temporarily restricted from this realm. Please try to log in at another time." Does this mean I'm banned or what is going on? In all my years of playin, I've never experienced anything like this.:confused1:


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It takes just a minute if you reset your internet connection - assuming that you will get a new IP address then. My ISP seems to punish me with a 2 minute reconnect delay when I switch off and on my router, so for me it's 2-3 minutes.

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Do you happen to know why it happens?
This information can be found on battle.net, i believe, in the faq section.

But, basically, b.net bans isp's that are behaving in a way that is typical to bots. Entering and leaving games too fast, too many times in succession, will result in a temp ban. Thats why you gotta be careful when you're muling in a permed game with no one else in it, or when you do too many short mf runs in a row.



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run more bosses when your doing mf runs, kill meph, duri, andy and countess, itll take more time but youll get more drops and prevent from getting temp banned


I got banned like this when my wireless mouse bugged. It halted just over skill selection button and start to scrool over skills extremly fast = temp ban :duh:

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At this time I'd like to give my thanks to Orphan.
Who's posts on running 2 copies of D2 on one computer have just saved me 3 sol runes and an upped twitchthroe.

I was in a long slow mule session setting up a new char and I was banned.
Switch to my new char, pick up my stuff, exit and no problems.
Other than the wait. :unimpressed: