I think Dclone has a crush on me...

diablo loves donutz

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I think Dclone has a crush on me...

Well for those of you who saw my thread about dclone and how often he walked for you guys and how he recently walked for me again, well guess what, he walked...AGAIN! lol This is just getting too funny

So it's late at night, I was trying to make my doom zerker before I went to sleep, and I needed the Lo and Um. In desperation because I was too lazy too get stuff for the two runes seperately, I offered a 34 hoto for the two-lowballing I know. Anyways, after killing nihl while waiting for people to enter, I then headed to meph. On the way there, soj counter popped and I laughed and laughed and knew the inevitable was coming, but what was the biggest shock was that he walked immediately after that counter. So it simply said, 7684 sojs sold, then a second passed by, Diablo walks the earth. Headed to shenk, killed him, got a friend to help xfer it, then ater i got it, people started joining the game and were going nuts, ahhh, the laughter and joy. Oh btw, it was a 11/19/10, terrible stats, but great res and exp. But yes, although I can't recall everything. I believe that this is the 2nd out of the last 2 days he's walked for me, 3rd out of the week, 4th of the month, and 6th of my career.

I think it's quite obvious that Dclone loves me...

*Edit....ugh I accidentaly posted this on the trade forums at first lol, kinda ot question, but they won't temp ban me for that will they? I already edited all out, but the thread still remains :(


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I've been playing the Diablo games for 9 years now and only seen him walk in 2 of my games and one of my friends. He Really must love you :p


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i got him last night too for the first time ever when i was in a private game with my brother.

i had my berserker barb (0 points in mastery still while searching for end game wep) (arreats/fort/stormshield/thundergods/doombringer/gores)
and my brother had his blizz sorc (spirit/eschutas/viper/rockstopper/magefist).

we were freaking out because it was the first time for both of us. we stocked up on all the pots we could, got our mercs ready etc etc. i warned my bro that i thought he had 95% elemental resistance, while only having 50% resist to my magic attack, but my bro did have static field of course. we walked out into the stony field and thought it was going to be incredibly hard, but it was actually very very easy. i tanked him a long with the two mercs and my bro rained down blizzards. i hardly had to consume a pot, and was even talking during the battle. i let my merc die from not paying attention but he offered nothing resembling a challenging fight.

afterwards, we were back in town looking at our new charm, and i realized i forgot to take screenshots, so we went back and stood on his body and snapped a few for the album :)

my question is, how do the other ubers compare to diabloclone in terms of difficulty?
I'm running a mule game for a bunch of guys, and I've had no less than 5 mass SoJ sell-offs in those games. Too bad they were all normal games.


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My question is, how do the other ubers compare to diabloclone in terms of difficulty?
Ubers are a bit more difficult. DClone can be tackled by many different builds, but the ubers are best done by a smiter with life tap and crushing blow. It is possible to use other builds (that must have crushing blow of some sort).

Another thing that makes DClone easier, is that you can choose your surroundings. Act 1, stony field means nothing else around you will pose a problem. For the ubers, there is a constant barrage of summoned minions that try to get in the way with all kinds of immunities

If you want to try to take on the Ubers, one specialized build shines and isn't very expensive at all. Look for kingdryland's one point smiter uber killing build.

If you have the right build, any part of this game can become "easy."



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Here again we have a term I am not familiar with. What is Clone? It is only that I have not seen Mr. Clone for two years or more. Lately of course it is because I don't play anymore but prior to this it was just bad luck for me I guess.

Good game for you though!!

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Ive played for seven years on d2 and ive never seen dClone. it makes med sad that other ppl have seen him.
What makes it show up? Is it just a small chance or are there other factors involved with it?


Mass soj sellout makes him walk on earth. I think... Week ago I was MF running with my friend and was about to go sleep. Then the soj selling messages started to come. The last msg was about 18xx was sold and I didn't see 1900. Since I got very long break from d2 I didn't remember anything about how to find him and neither did my friend. Actually he "remembered" that he spawns anywhere in d2 so we started to look for him. We tele'ed every ****ing place in d2. At 2am(got work at 7am) I said **** this and was about to go sleep when my friend decided to check his info. Then we just went to a5 first area and killed *** Darren and diablo spawned. We tried for like 10mins with 2 undergeared mf sorcs and didn't quite work out... Disconnect from the server ended our attempts. Gladly I found sk GC worth 6ists from flayer jungle while teleing and bought annih+torch with it. :) Day later my friend started a smiter and I've collected 6key sets since then and also found sur already on my key runs from arcane sanc which is also my first hr ever. Next time we will... :cool:


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I was running a trade game the other night, people were coming in and out, nobody was there as the count to sojs got higher and higher, couldn't believe my luck. At least 20 people came in and out and not one soj was sold while someone was there. Then all of a sudden the frenzied selling stopped. Sadly no Dclone came. dang. shoot. darn. And i didn't get what i was lookin for in the trade.