I think Blizzard Ownz d2 shop


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tedda said:
Thats why the season never ends
If the season ended, things would be more expensive than they are now, when there are a lot of them.

Since you like conspiracy theories, would you agree that if blizzard was doing all this is a plot to make cash by selling items, that, you know, since they made the game, they could control drop rates and dupe and "create" items and whatnot? Well, then my point is further enhanced, they'd simply reset the ladder, dupe up a few high runewords, sell them for exorbatant (sp) amounts of money, and create them to fill the demand...


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A friend and I toyed with the idea of BLizz supplying all these item sites. It would explain how they get all these runes/items in massive amounts.

Even if you have bots running all the time, you'd have to have like 20 going 24/7 to keep up with supply and demand.