I think an introduction is in order

Ali Baba

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I think an introduction is in order

Hello everyone on the SPF.

I've been a long time "lurker" here and I thought I'd finally make an intro. My name is Brad (Although all my friends call me Baba) and I live in BC, Canada.

I'm taking a year off schooling right now and just being lazy :D . I have a lvl 81 Meteorb sorc, a lvl 77 Hammerdin, and a lvl 77 Fishymancer that I'm all working on right now.



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Welcome to the forums, I guess we don't have to ask what's your favorite item in the game :D


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Welcome to the forum! I'm still looking for one of your swords...

Beware of wild animals and have a drink at the EMB! (Free too, as long as Durf's credit card remains there)


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Welcome to the Addicts Hall. I hope your stay is long and fruitful for your characters!


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Greetings and welcome to our forums. As you're a lurker, I probably don't have to remind you to read the FAQs and behave in front of our elite uniques, so I'll just invite you over to the EMB for a quiet (age appropriate) drink or two - the first one's on me.

Enjoy your time here.


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Howdy Ali Baba! :howdy:

Welcome to our world of fun :D

BTW, if you have a couple of your unique blades lying around, I'd love to put my hands on them ;)