I saw the worst movie ever


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I saw the worst movie ever

Has anyone ever seen the movie "The Guyver"? It has Mark Hamill in it, and a really dumb plotline. The movie is ridiculously racist. In this movie, there are people who turn into monster creatures with special effects that look like they belong in the 70s. Well, of course the black guy (who wears chains and his hat sideways and talks dopey and starts rapping for no reason) turns into the monster that has the big fat lips. But they don't reveal any sort of character depth that would indicate that this guy actually wants to be a rapper, thus giving the impression that they think this is how all black people are. The acting on the part of everyone is atrocious, too.



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When I saw the title of this thread, I thought you were gonna say you had just seen "Toys" or "Gigli".

But I haven't heard of this movie you speak of, and from the sounds of it I will avoid it.


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Monsters Ball (or whatever it was) gets my vote for worst movie ever. There was only one scene in the whole movie that was worth watching...


Comedy or not... I hope and doubt that piece of junk never/ever hit the theaters...

It really is amazing, people can go ahead and make a "big" film without anyone catching how ridiculous the end product is bound to be...


Cain said:
Monsters Ball (or whatever it was) gets my vote for worst movie ever. There was only one scene in the whole movie that was worth watching...
Is it a scene containing nudity?


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I'd have to say House of 1000 corpses was the worst movie ever.

besides Leperachan: Back 2 tha hood


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I've seen this movie. The Guyver is actually an anime back in Japan, and for some reason Hollywood decided to make it into a movie or something. It isn't so much the anime that has bad taste as it's rather popular in Japan, it's just Hollywood. Once you take that into account, it almost becomes understandable why the movie is so terrible.

Anyway, if you have a taste for pain, check out The Guyver 2. Wacky Power Ranger antics ensues.

Edit: Worst movie I've ever seen: Faust: Love of the Damned. It was some independent film that the Sci Fi channel showed. I can't even go into details about how horrible it was. Honestly I don't even think these people had a script to begin with, all if it was thrown together.


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worst movie ever = anything with the following words in the description "SciFi Original"

well i guess i can't say every movie, i did like Dune, but the vast majority just plain suck


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I recall "The Fan" to be the worst movie I've ever seen. But it's been a long time since I've seen it. Maybe it isn't that bad.

I thought Monster's Ball was a good movie. And that's besides the infamous sex scene.


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Na, by far the worst movie ever was that one. It sucked so bad I can't even remember the name. Started with a C though. The... Csomething. Anyway, weak plot, weak characters, weak ending, and was a pitiful excuse of a movie. At least yours had a monster. Mine didn't have anything. :(


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What about that old movie Plan 9 From Outer Space? The main actor died in life like half-way through filming the movie so they used a double for the rest of it and just didnt show his face. Also the movie just flat out sucked.