I really need some help with Dclone on USWEST HCL


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I really need some help with Dclone on USWEST HCL

USWEST hardcore ladder...
he is in my game NOW if you can or will help post here and I'll give you the name of the game

sorry I promise I won't post another thread but my 78 amazon can't take him


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The game was a pretty simple MF run of Eldritch and Shenk...just before Eldritch I got the SOJ counter...and as I was descending the stairs to go to Shenk the world turned dark and Diablo Walked *I was pretty stunned since it only took like 30 seconds for him to walk that time.

anyway, I found someone on battlenet who helped me...so Dclone is no longer alive...

Bnet guy took the Anni and I asked politely for it....he said...

It is a really good one so he had me come to another game and offered two ists...I said...essentially..

I'd rather have the charm but since you got it I'll take anything you are willing to offer and thanked him for the help.

He said he might have another one and came back and dropped that one for me...

the one that dropped in my game was an 11/20/9
he kept that...

the one he dropped me
18/18/6 (I'd rather have that one anyway) ;)

so everything worked out pretty well for me

sorry about posting in the trade forum by mistake...I was trying to post quickly before I got C/I from windowing out of DII

Now I've got one softcore nonladder character with an Anni
and one Hard Core Ladder character with one *YAY*


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I saw* your post but don't play HC. If I had I would have helped. I am glad you found someone who was fair about it. As we all know, there are so many who would join and just leave with the charm without any word to you.


I am suprised there are co-op Clone games on ladder this late in the season!

*Didn't see the point of posting that I could not help and spamming up your thread while you were hoping for some help.