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I really need some advice with hell- Ancients please!!!!!! <

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by charmer, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. charmer

    charmer IncGamers Member

    Mar 30, 2004
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    I really need some advice with hell- Ancients please!!!!!!

    Hiya there all,
    I am a level 81 Fire/Lightning sorceress, i have played solo all the way and i cannot get past them bloody ancients.
    I am an old Diablo 1 veteran, and hence when i started diablo 2 i wentfor fireball and chain lightning as my main 2 spells. Obviously with hindsight it looks as though this was a mistake! I have no cold spells at all (only chill armour to boost defense.

    I hold my own very will in All of Hell diff so far, not really had any problems.

    Am i too low a level to fight these guys??

    my equipment is pretty good for a legit SP, (i think)

    Weapon - Oculus
    Shield - Superior socket hyperion (2perf diam 1 perf sapph)
    Armour - Skin of Vipermagi
    Boots - Immortalkings pillar ( i also have the unique boneweave boots for bone prison)
    Helm (tal rasha crest, or tarnhelm with perf topaz(+78 mf)
    Rings - stone of jordan and ravenfrost
    amu - angels amu of life
    Belt - Immortal kings

    All res are maxed in hell (exceptpoison - 50 )with tal helmet and charms

    fireball is doing 2000-2100 damage, and lightn is 2-1000 8 hits.
    i use staticfield at lvl 9 or 10 (with +skill items) which is very useful
    i think my mana shield is lvl 10 too, again i am naive as in diablo 1 this was THE essential spell. i also have a level 14 thunderstorm which is ok but i regret it now.

    So the question is : am i too low a level, are my items too poor or did i just screw up on the skills (hindsight is a wonderful thing!) is there any way i can beat the ancients with this build?

    And has any 1 else managed to beat them solo (legit of course!) with a sorceroress? and what level,builds did u use???

    P.S if there is any legit players who would be willing to help me beat the ancients feel free to email me at [email protected]

    Any replies would be much appreciated!


  2. WhiskeyJack

    WhiskeyJack IncGamers Member

    Jun 26, 2003
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    I can't say much about the build (I don't know sorcs that well), but for the hell ancients, well, they are probably the toughest section in the game, from what I'm reading. look through the posts for ones about the ancients, such as this

    that was a titanic battle...It may be that you'll just have to try multiple times or adapt your play style (others will let you know about the build/equip).

    best of luck, let us all know how it turns out!

  3. LprMan

    LprMan IncGamers Member

    Oct 11, 2003
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    I say "welcome to SPF!" to you too, it seems we are getting more and more people addicted :)

    I assume this is patch 1.10? Tell me if it isn't :p

    Your items are very good, of course some improvements could be done but they are not necessary. The mistake you have done is your skillpoint allocation, it is spread too wide and some skills you have boosted aren't as good in 1.10 as they were in earlier patches. As you surely have seen, Energy Shield is huge mana burner when you fight monsters who deal elemental damage and Thunderstorm can barely scratch them sometimes

    It is posible to kill them with Thunderstorm only if there is no lightning immunes, just run/teleport around and wait until they die. Also you can put some full rejuvs on ground to pick up them afterwards but remember they will disappear after certain amount of time (I don't remember how long it was). What merc do you have?

    I have killed hell ancients solo with legit sorc using Frozen Orb and Meteor as her main spells. It wasn't too easy but not impossible either, it just takes its time and some tactics/skill

    And one more thing...On our forum you don't have to worry about cheaters, we are playing this game legitly, for challenge and relaxation, not like people on Open Bnet for example. Of course we sometimes see people who come here to trade cheated stuff to us but they just get themselves banned. Welcome to this awesome group of D2 players!

    PS. if you want someone to join your game and help you remember that you both must have same patch of the game ;)
  4. DX-Crawler

    DX-Crawler Banned

    Jul 4, 2003
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    They are very hard to kill and I can imagine them to be specially with a sossy. My HC soosy only made to act1 in hell so I have no real advice how to do it with your character. A meteorb sorc is a very strong build and is an option to manage to kill them. What merc are you using I maybe you should try to get a Holy Freeze merc (defensive merc act 2 nightmare).
    As I said they are really hard to kill with sossys. Some freezing skill helps alot. Maybe some real Sorc expert here can surely answer your question better but I do my best good luck

    edit: Lprman was faster than me and certainly better to answer the question
    Welcome to the forum :howdy:

  5. slowpoke

    slowpoke IncGamers Member

    Oct 30, 2003
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    According to the arreat summit, (not always completely accurate), they have 40,000 to 60,000 hit points each (at players1). But, they also have 50% resistance to the elements they are not immune to in hell. It took me 30-40 minutes running in a big circle to kill the last one (the cold immune one) with my fireball. (a FB/orb sorc)

    I have to run now, but a little later I could help you out in a MP game with my hammerdin


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