I quit


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I quit

I actually quit. I already made it impossible to come back. I went into random games and gave away all my gear. Some top of the line stuff. I had to do it though. It hurt to give away the AoKL, the Homunc, the +3 summons +32 MF ammy, the Necro torch, the oculus, Jalal's mane, Chanceguards, all those runes and Pgems.
Now my goal is to be as successful as a college student as I was as a necromancer. Putting off my studies to play Diablo was acceptable, allowing game-time to cut into girlfriend-time (yes I actually do have one) was acceptable. Dreaming about Diablo characters crossed the line.
I think I like real-life better anyway.


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Can I have your cd-key? :wink2:

lol, that "is" a joke. Good luck, and we will see you back soon. You could always do what I did though, get your girlfriend hooked. Now I can go out for coffee with my friends and come back and have a new hell rushed character ready to start leveling.

I've quit several times before, but never consciously and given away everything, just stopped playing and everything gets deleted.


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Good choice. This game is great, but it's so darn addictive. I play about once a month now on SP, and it's fun again.