I present Witchy_Poo the Sorceress - Level 90


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I present Witchy_Poo the Sorceress - Level 90

Tonight (well here in Aus) I finally levelled my Meteorb Sorceress to 90. :clap:

After a quick but satisfying battle with Pindle he exploded in a pile of fiery gore and left Witchy_Poo standing victorious and with enough hard learned knowledge to level her to the high ranks of 90!

This has been the furthest I have ever gone with one character. She has been fun to play and MF with. I could have gotten her up quicker but I have been using her to MF like mad on Pindle and to test for the upcoming MFO. Thankfully the Pindle running netted me some nice items! A rundown of her Stats:

Level 90
Exp: 1618529271

Stats (Base):

Strength 70
Dexterity 25
Vitality 335
Energy 110

Life 1226
Mana 640


Fire -1
Cold 14
Lightning 75
Poison -14

Skills (Base):

Warmth 1
Firebolt 8
Fireball 20
Meteor 20
Fire Mastery 14
+1 In each pre req

Telekenisis 1
Static Field 1
Teleport 1

Frozen Orb 20
Cold Mastery 6
Ice Blast 2 (1 wasted Skill point)
+1 in each pre req

+ to skills with items:

Fire +9
Others +8

Fireball damage 5622 - 6179
Meteor damage 12601 - 13173


Mang Song's Lesson
Skin Of The Vampiremagi
Harlequin Crest (Found this yesterday - used a rare + 2 skills circlet beforehand!!)
Tal Rasha's Adjudication

Rare Belt:

+10 to Strength
+7 to Life
+49% Enhanced Defense
Lightning Resist +18%
Poison Resist +17%
Replenish Life +3

Rare Ring:

+5 to Mana
+10 to Maximum Stamina
Magic Damage Reduced by 2
Cold Resist +15%
10% Faster Cast Rate
12% Chance to cast Level 4 Charged Bolt when struck

Rare Ring:

+3 to Minimum Damage
Fire Resist +4%
Lightning Resist +24%
Cold Resist +24%
Poison Resist +4%
28% Extra Gold from Monsters
10% Chance to cast Level 3 Charged Bolt when struck

Rare Boots:

+68% Enhanced Defense
+15 to Attack Rating
Fire Resist +26%
Lightning Resist +36%
13% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+1 to Light Radius
Half Freeze Duration

As you can see some of these items are far from great, especially the rare ones. For MF i used 2 x Nagel Rings, 4 x PTopaz socketed armour, 3 x PTopaz socketed Tiara, Amulet 35% MF, Treads of Cthon (for running speed), Chance Guards, Gheed's Fortune & small charms.

I started this character untwinked as I had no items (fresh install after accidently deleting my previous D2 directory - Doh). I am very happy with her progress in the game and how she performed. I guess it's taken approx. 2 months to get here, but I have also been levelling 2 x Druids (74 & 75) as well.

I used an act 2 Holy Freeze Merc with Kelpie Snare, Eth Duriell's Shell & a rare Hydra skull (+fire & lightning resist). Not sure if this was the best Merc choice or not.

Items of note I found on my travels:

Mang Song's Lesson (very happy)
Gheed's Fortune (found yesterday)
Harlequin Crest (found yesterday)
Ohm Rune (found yesterday - yesterday was an awesome MF day!!!)
Schaefer's Hammer

Some notes on my experiences:

She was fun, and still is fun to play. I would recommend this character to anyone, especially those that want to run Pindle. If it wasn't for Druids summoning wolves then I would say she has been my favorite character so far.

I would put more into energy and less into vitality next time. Sometimes she ran short of mana too quickly. Could have used Frostburn I guess, but I liked the high damage!!!

Archers are a pain. I think this build is better suited for Ancient Tunnels than Pit running.

My merc died quite a bit, but I think that is mainly due to his poor set up. Items definately make the character in this game. Also Witchy_Poo died several times due to zelous teleporting or over confidence. At this level a death is very annoying.

I tended to use Fireball a lot, hence the extra points in Firebolt (synergy). Fireball left button, meteor right button. Frozen Orb for Fire Immunes.

Teleport rules. Unless you teleport into a pack for instant death.

Some thanks

To the SPF for inspiration and rekindling my passion for D2.
My partner - my Diablo widow!!!
Blizzard - For creating the greatest game ever
Sasja - For an excellent guide to building this character
Mang Song - For leaving his lesson behind!

Wow - Umm - Think that is enough of that!! Thanks for reading. hope you enjoyed it. Good luck on your Diablo adventures and may the MF be with you!!!


PS Witchy_Poo is the name of the witch from a 70's TV show, HR Puffenstuff


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What armor is the Skin of Vampiremagi? :p

Congrats on the level! Only 9 to go eh? Some really nice finds too.


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Nacaa said:
What armor is the Skin of Vampiremagi? :p

Congrats on the level! Only 9 to go eh? Some really nice finds too.
Thanks :) . The armor is 279 (+120% ED). It's great to read about these cool items on here and then actually find one. Everyone talked about the Harlequin Crest here and I didn't really understand until I found one!!

It's weird but finding an Ohm rune was great, but my Merc still doesn't have a Shaftstop. I guess that's the nature of the beast!

Yeah, 9 to go. Hate to think how many Pindle/Baal runs that would be!!

Edit: Whoops... Vampiremagi is a bit optimistic... Maybe in patch 1.20 it will have 15% LL!!! :clap: . My bad. Thanks Nacaa!