I needed a translator


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I needed a translator

I enjoyed my mini vacation in NC, my youngest sister's wedding was very nice.

I had a little trouble with the language :scratch:

"Y'all" is easy enough to figure out "could mean one person or many people", a quick look behind me clarified it for me each time it was said to me ;)

"Won't me" (my spelling and punctuation, it sounded sort of like I spelled it) was used quite often by some of my NC nephews.

Do people normally use that expression or were the boys just tugging thier poor old Uncle Fester's leg? :confused:

Also how is it that people who are standing outside in shirt sleeves, can complain about how cold it is when you can't even see your breath :lol:


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Heh, it took me a good six months to figure out the dialect when I moved down there. No, they talk like that all the time :D

Y'all is singular, "all y'all" is the plural form. As for the weather, you get used to the humidity and temperature being in the low 90's, but Southerners can't deal with the cold. I was down there for 6 years and they changed me into a cold wuss, I can't wait for summer. :xsnow:


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Was it "wasn't me?" Or perhaps "want me?"

I'm partial to "jeet jet" or "Did you eat yet" in normal speak.


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Heh...I lived in TX b4 moving to FL...its funny to see people put on parka's when it hits 45 degrees, and i wear pants and a longsleeved shirt and i'm fine

I know people who have never seen snow in their life (the horror!)