I need to crush my friends, possible with assassin?


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I need to crush my friends, possible with assassin?

I have a friend who's a bowazon and a druid werewolf.. I need to crush them both...

I'm not a newbie to Diablo, as my last character was a Hybrid. I am just a bit rusty, and espescially since 1.10 is out I'm sure people are wearing different equipment now. I would like to build a Trapper still, perhaps someone can suggest me a quick PvP equip list? Not to mention now that they fixed tweaking characters, :p anybody know a fast way to level up? hehehe.

I was thinking mainly be a martial artist, and have 1 max trapped, or something..

Any help would be appreciated, as I'm determined to crush the living snot out of my friends.

Jesus The Disco DJ

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Well basically, if your going traps, you need to concentrate on traps, as if you do only 1 maxed, with no synergies, you'll do next to no damage in pvm, let alone pvp.

Snarlin Stef

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trappers can only beat newbs. There are lots of newbs out there.

WW assa is the best pvp build an assa can make. its expensive.

make a trapper if you cant afford the gear necessay to make WW assa

Snarlin Stef

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WvX_leader said:
I said his friends not everyone.

A melee druid and a zon can be taken by lightning sentry...
trapper cant beat anyone with TGODS + TEMPLAR claot and tons of orts. sucks that trapper can be crushed by such cheap gear...

same reason FOH is a joke.... 4 ort armor + Tgod > FOH


Yeah it's true sadly :(

My friend's traps was doing absolutely no damage to my PVM pally with 95/90/95/90 resists. This was in normal mode but i have those resists in hell mode too. He even used a wand of lower resist on me, and he still can't damage me at all. I wore Tgods, Dwarf star, Raven frost, and Guardian angel with a pally shield that gives 106 res all and also a Wizardspike. Elemental damage? WHAT elemental damage?
With lo runes or a GA - yes lightning trappers are a joke... I enjoy killing them. YET my reasoning was the fact that 90% of all zons and melee druids wouldnt go through that trouble, since most people dont use those characters anymore...