I need to break my addiction

Dutchman said:
Just wanted to add that from what I understand both Diet Coke and Coffee are appetite suppresants, so should cut down on the munching as well.

Frankly, I'm not willing to cut back my eating habits--if it comes down to me being a little pudgy, so be it. Not gonna try and suppress my appetite in order to lose weight.

Anyway, I'm hoping that it's just the nature of my diet, the extreme sugar intake, and my sedentary lifestyle that's doing this to me. Ideally if I bike a little bit more, do some basic stuff like situps and pushups, and cut the crap out of my diet as much as possible, I can reverse the trend. I don't need to be skinny, I'd just like to be in shape enough that I'm not embarassed to go to the pool.


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I would recommend iced tea also. I absolutely love Dr. Pepper, but I try to cut down on my soda intake because I hear it's bad for you. I usually only have 1 can of Dr. Pepper a day right now, sometime I'll have a soft drink with dinner if I go out (which is a lot since I live by myself and am a single male).

I keep bags of tea in my desk here at work, and make a couple insulated cups full with each bag. It's quite cheaper than soda and delicious. I put sugar in my tea, but you can put enough in for taste and still be doing less sugar and caffiene than soda.

I would recommend these brands: Bigelow, Stewart's

If you think you might go the tea route, let me know and I can tell you how I make quick Iced Tea here at work (from what I hear I'm the best at it).

Best of Luck


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And I thought this was going to be a cry for his new addiction to WoW

Hey DC!

If you are serious about dropping sodas, use THIS STUFF

You go to the store and buy a case of 500mil bottles of bottled water ($3.99) and then bring a small cooler to work with you with six of these a day. Then you just ad one packet to each bottle. Not only does it not amp you out like soda does its full of vitamins and electrolytes that are healthy.

I have to drink this stuff to offset the two cups of coffee I have each morning (and because I'm getting old and helps the geritol go down).

As for snacks.. That's up to you. I'll never give up my pop tarts.



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Try getting hooked on water or a healthy drink. If you want to forget about Dr. Pepper try getting hooked on like fruits or something.