I need Sorc Advice


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I need Sorc Advice

Ok so im in the process of making a full tals set sorc

I was thinkin Orb/Energy Shield
Should i do max block?
If so how do i calculate that and whats the best shield to use (not ss)

How much mana/vita should i do.

Should i max both energy shield and telk or just 16 to telk
Where would those saved points be better spent?

Thanks in advance guys.


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'Tis damn shame to "waste" full Tal's on a single-element Sorc, but if you must...

Whitstan's Guard set round shield is very nice for a max block Sorc. Some actually prefer it to Stormshield (requires very little str and dex).

There's no need to calculate anything, really. Just hover your mouse over your defense rating in the (lying) character screen each time you level up (once you've equipped your end-game gear) and invest into dex just until it says you have a 75% chance to block. If you really want to calculate how much dex you need at a particular level, the formula is in just about every decent published guide on these forums.

Do not invest any points in energy; additional mana is easy enough to get from charms and/or rings.

Definitely dump 20 points in Telekenesis, but only invest 1 point in EShield, allowing +skills gear to boost it up to a respectable level. If you're really crafty, you can make 'Memory' runeword in a staff with +3 ES already on it (giving +9 ES total), throw it on your weapon switch as a prebuff, and not have to invest a single point in ES (or Charged Bolt, Lightning, and Chain Lightning)... although you won't be able to recast ES very easily in the heat of battle.

Skills should go a a little bit like this:

20 Frozen Orb
20 Cold Mastery (cold is your only element, so you better make it pierce as much as possible)
20 Telekenesis
1 Static Field
1 Teleport
0-1 EShield
1 Warmth
1 Frozen Armor or Shiver Armor
rest in Teleport and/or Warmth


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Im Level 71
Ok I have max TK Orb Bolt and CM 1 point to ES
Im wearing full tals set with frosties, waterwalks, a nagel and a dwarf star
I have Max Block
and around 900 Life
But i only have about 500 Mana...should i pump up mana now? or continue with life?


Continue with life. Never put any points into mana. It's a waste. That's what mana charms are for, Insight too.