I need some statistical information

I need some statistical information

How many frames does it take to shapeshift (human to full wolf form)?

Can the "shift delay" be affected by faster cast rate? If so, what are the Faster Cast Rate breakpoints for the shift itself?

Will shifting rely on the FCR of the human form or the wolf form?

Is there a frame delay between being fully shifted and the ability to attack?

If this is the case is the "glitched" appearing animation directly after shift, when using fury (i.e. fury looks super fast) an actual representation of the fury attack, or only a displayed animation that cannot actually do any damage?
do we know if normal functions such as blocking and hit recovery work during this time, or this this 16 frames of invinsibility we are talking about?

thanks for the speediness RTB.

I am working out some strategies/key assignments for tele-then-fury.


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Not saying it can't work, but getting the FCR to make teleport effective on a fury wolf, would be sacrificing a lot. Loads of faster run/walk is the more practical solution. Apart from leaving yourself vulnerable during a slow teleport, your opponent will probably be long gone by the time you tele+shift+fury.

Sint Nikolaas

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It seems as if you can attack during the shifting period. I always notice that when you shift (during PvM) and then start attacking your innitial attack seems a lot faster then normal (like you should be attacking during the shift but you can't and when you're done shifting the game makes up for it). Same with walking away, if you shift and move if seems like you're standing still during the shift but move a little faster right after it (for a few frames ofcourse).


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I was thinking you were goin for that. I was thinking about it the other day. If you had a few fcr parts..mayb gloves, ammy and a gg it would be enough to suprise the hell outa sum1.