I Need Some Help

Ragnarok Moon

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I Need Some Help

I am going to make a skelenecro and was wondering what if I should use bone spear along with my skeletons this is how i would put mys skills

15 Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
1 in all Curses
20 Bone Spear
Im not sure what are the synergies for bone spear( tell me if u know :scratch::smiley: )
and of course one into all the prequisites

If anyone has any suggestions for this necro I would be very appreciative. Thanks.


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You can... but bone spear without syenergie has low damage.
I doubt it can be much help.

edit: the synergies for bone spear are: teeth, bone spirit, bone wall and bone prison, quite alot really...

Mad Mantis

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Bone/Summon hybrids got the shaft after they removed the Marrowwalk bug. There have been a few posts talking about them. See if you can find those via the search.