I Need Some Help on This Please Read.....


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I Need Some Help on This Please Read.....

This is For 3rd Edition Dungeon And Dragons Forgotten Realms Setting

I am In a Gaming Group For Dungeon And Dragons

I Need someone with a very imaginative and creative Mind to come up with a Background/History on why would a Drow Necromancer would leave the Underdark to join up with a party of 6 adventruers...

I Need someone to who plays Dungeon and Dragons and know's alot about the Forgotten Realms Settings etc.

The Reason For my Necromancer to Leave the Underdark has to be Serious and Threating. It's like in 3rd Edition

Setting : Forgotten Realms

Background/History :

Reason For Leaving Underdark :

His Sex is Drow

Many of u can come up with Ideas etc and post'um here it doesn't have to be Long just a Short one pager Like on Note Book Paper.....

Now i need this to be Awesome,Imaginative,Creative,Well put in words wise etc. I Need this to Blow the Dm's Mind Away and Allow me to play a Drow etc.

If u or anyone who can help me out i'd appreciate it ... i kind of need this b4 thursday afternoon


Hmm . . . his secret motivation could be to eventually meet 6 people who would make excellent zombies/undead servants. That is--he doesn't want to waste his skills on just anybody, he wants to use them on extremely powerful individuals ie adventurers.


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What classes are the other 6? As a necro he might not be able to join them for example if you have a pally or a druid in the 6 they hate the undead and would not mesh very well if I remember my classes correctly.


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If you don't have a good background already, why are you trying to play the drow? Why do I suspect this is a case of roll-playing, and your DM is right to be unconvinced?


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Drow Nec... Pfft! What you need to do is create a Mindflayer Nec. Do it at once. It will be all sorts of cool.


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Steel_Avatar said:
Easy. Because Drow women are frigid :p
nah, because Drizzt was having his way with all the drowish women he wanted

also, your character grew tired of drow-made stuffs, because it'd decompose in sunlight as was complete crap for adventuring