I need some help on this one!


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I need some help on this one!

Hey guys!

Im gathering items to make a gosu GOLDbarb!

First of all, I want to make a barb that can effectivly run trivi with as much as possible gold% while being be swift and superior! AND can kill himself, I dont wanna stand around looking at merc killing stuff....

I need some advice from ppl who have knowledge of this...

I got a bunch of gc 35% gold and other scs with life resi..

What I need advice on is the build/eq setup:
Nothing is too expensive, so list the the best of the best for this build.

Biggest problem is weapons IMO...

I got some perfect alies, I could up them, and lemlem
I could go 2x6lem swords but that would have to be on switch --->sucky dmg
Dual grief would be great, but less gold, but faster runs (or even possible runs) and then lem swords on switch.

Anyways u get the picture..

Being able to kill by myself, along with merc, is important to me, as I want this to be fun!

So list ur eq advice for making this possible please ;)

I think I will go frenzy, as this requires less mana than ww. What about the rest of the skills? 1 find item, 20 weapon mastery, 20 BO, 20 frenzy, rest in natural resistance?
I dont plan on wearing too much resi charms or resi eq.

Sry if I repeating myself, Im drunk;)

But shed ur thoughts please ~~



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i'm no expert here, but i'd say that it's more advantageous to use high damage weapons (like grief as you pointed out) and get in more runs than focus on maximum gold find on the weapons.


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drachedrache said:
i'm no expert here, but i'd say that it's more advantageous to use high damage weapons (like grief as you pointed out) and get in more runs than focus on maximum gold find on the weapons.
Ye I thought so too, but another fact is that I dont know wether find item benefits from mercs mf/gf

If so, its alot more important to equip him with max gf, if not he can just wear botd wp forti gaze...

WW or frenzy ? I think frenzy is best for this build cuz of low mana req no ?

Shed ur thoughts ;)


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I came up with an idea:

Frenzy build:

20 Mastery
20 BO
20 Shout
20 Frenzy
1 Serk
And prolly rest into natural resistance...cuz this is where I lack... I do not intend to wear any res charms but anni and torch, so I will need this indeed! Anyways even if I chose less gf charms and some res charms to put skill points elsewhere, where would it be? Synergies for frenzy? Naa... I think this is good;) But tell me what u think!

As for eq:

CoT lem
Dual greif BA
Treachery AP
Highlord (so far) then --> gf amu
2x Dwarfs
2x 6lem swords on switch

Torch, gheeds, anni
and ~200-300 gf from charms

Merc eq:
Eth CoT lem
Wealth AP
Botd WP

Tell me what you think of this? The point of this barb is that he is a killing machine himself, and not only merc, as I do not wish to just stand back... I do not mind that diablo is actually fun and not only about runs/hour.

Thanks guys~~



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silent shaddow said:
dude, get 2 rune masters 5 soc and fill em with 10 lems :cool:

Did u try it out?

I have one very nice, 5 soc 262%... But if I cant kill efficiently enough with it, there is not point and I might aswell have lemswords on switch and just kill fast with griefs..

Have anyone actually tested dual RMs ?

It is a good ideea;) IF IT WORKS~~

Silent Shaddow

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no i havent tried it out... will do tho if u give me the stuff :cool: looks good on paper, i think i would resort 2 killing in lesser areas tbh, i assume u use griefs vemon and the switch for the drop? not really that up 2 speed on gf barbs...


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Me neither, but it gives the ability to kill for sure... with runemasters I dont know... Then I might need eth pf ed 5 soc rms... Hard to come by ?:D

I would really like to hear if anyone out there has tried dual rms ?