I need serious advice

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I need serious advice

Hey guys.
I've been playing d2 for.. 3 years completely oblivious to how to trade.. what items are worth and I'm tired of being ripped off.

I want to either start a Pvm bowazon.
I have the anni
I have the torch
What I need to know is
what armor should I be using?
I currently have 16 Hrs

How much does a Perfect faith (level 15 fanc I think) cost?
How much do gloves with 20% IAS and Knockback cost.

Also I have an exile.. I don't know the first thing of how much its worth :/
heres the stats

Vortex Shield
Defence : 1686
Chance to block 49%
smite damage 5-87
required str 138
required level 66
15% chance to cast level 5 life tap in striking
level 13 defiance aura when equiped
2 to offensive aruas
30% faster block rate
freezes tartget
234% enhanced defence
replinish life 7
5% to maximum cold resist
5% to maximum fire resist
all res 45
25% better chance of getting magic items
repairs 1 durability in 4 seconds

thank you so much!


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Re: I need serious advice

Well the armor for your zon all depends on what you want to do with your zon, and what type of faith bow you are looking for. bowazons are very ias dependent, so the type of bow you choose will effect every other piece of equip you are wearing. You need 45 ias to get max multi shot speed with a faith matron bow, and you need 95 ias to get max multi shot speed with a faith grand matron bow, the trade off is obviosly power with the gmb, and more flexible equip options with the matron


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Re: I need serious advice

I hate to be the one to point it out, but the exile you have is on the DNT list. There is also a price guide for non ladder that you can use as a basis for trading. I think that it is dated, but it would be a great basis for guaging the value of an item againts another. Sorry I don't have a link for it.


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Re: I need serious advice

this is not the place to ask for advice. on builds please use the sub forums, we have a separate one for each.

as for the exile, i will not ban you since you are asking its worth, again not the right place, however since it is on the DNT list, it will not be pc'd.

do not repost this thread unless you are looking for gear and trading gear.
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