I need help with my Javazon


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I need help with my Javazon

this is what i was thinking

5/5 ss
+3/20 gloves
rare +2 zon ammy

and i was woundering should i go max block or will my dodge/evade/avoid be enough? also what should i do if i get a Atod?


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Why not

-Titans (for self-repair)
-Laying of Hands (no +skills but still good)
-Tal Mask (for leech)


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I don't see any mana leech in your set up. Unless its coming off that rare ammy of yours. If not I'd switch out one of those Ravens for a Manald.

I'd go with max block. You're using an SS, so why not? And all that extra dex you'll need will still raise your physical attack power if you're using Mat Javalins.

And just a personal preference, but I'd switch out the Treks for some Gores. Crushing Blow is hella nice when jabbing Lightning Immunes. Also, if this is for PvM, Titans > TStrokes. Leave TStrokes for act bosses and dueling.


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Yes, max block with a stormshield is easy. Same deal with an AToD it's only a little jump in req dex for max block. 224 is max at lvl 93. Which still leaves several hundred for vita.

Some sort of mana leech would be best for lvling.

At the other comments. Stick with treks, fhr is more important than cb on gores. Javazons aren't physical damage/melee. Laying of hands and tal mask might work, but your setup will work better.


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I'm with BuboBubo- Titans & Tals Mask.

Go for max block. My level 75 Javazon does just fine in Hell with only 7 total points each in D/A/E.