I need good windy teacher plz! [NL west]


I need good windy teacher plz! [NL west]

ok, i got the gear but i suck at pk!

need a GOOD teacher!

My gear;

2/20/20/50life/13res circ
30 mara
40 hoto
cham'd perf def ss
perm sloop
perm eturn
perf arach
perf up'd bloodfist
mage enig
6bo cta + lidless on switch

2 x 12%fhr ele gc
8 x 30+ life ele gc
20/19/7 anni
9 x modded 20life sc

this gives 6.3k life, 2.6k hurricane and 5.6k tornado with 99%fcr and 99%fhr bp's

but still with this i lose to many ppl with worse gear

i need help :(


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the best teacher is watching and practice, just go in pubs and find your way through it, i sucked at start all do,

vs casters and smiters for example i higly recomend 165% fcr,