i need alot of help


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i need alot of help

ok so last night my friend was on my comp playin d2

and he thot he wuld help me by

downloading some hacks off of hackhq


and i do not want my d2 account to get bannd

and i cant find the file :[

ne suggestions?


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I wouldn't worry about your D2 accounts getting banned as much as you getting a virus-type infection on your computer.

Scan it.


That's some friend ya got there. I wouldn't appreciate someone downloading anything on my computer, especially without my permission. Might want to scan your computer.


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thx guys, ill c if it worx.



if u culdnt tell by my name

im making a

chainlink/frost orb sorc.

ne suggestions on gear?


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also be sure to uninstall d2 and delete the folder and reinstall to make sure any leftovers from the hax are gone
repetitive use of hax can get your cd key banned from bnet


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Spyware blaster
Spybot search & destroy
Ad aware

all can be downloaded for free and should provide a good scan of your computer


ale beer two

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lol, the amount of times that friends download hacks, illegal keys etc etc is amazing.

I would not even consider downloading anything on a friends computer without 1st asking and double checking with them its OK.

Lose your friend. Seriously.