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I'm reasonably new to the game so I keep running into things I don't understand. Sometimes I'm able to look them up. Sometimes the answers just yield more questions. Sometimes I don't get any answers at all.

I'm playing as a sorceress/wizardess/female wizard.

So here's one that's bugging me at the moment:

Playing on Torment I, I've managed to figure out how to use the dozen Infernal Machines of Regret I obtained from that dancing goat.*) Smashing in door, managed to make the portal, even managed to kill both Leoric and Maghda - eventually, with the Enchantress Feeling Like Chicken Tonight.

I noticed a door in the corner of the room and by the looks of the map there must be a way to get through that door.
1. How do you go through that door? It's locked. I can't open it. I tried smashing it in, but that didn't help. I picked up all items from the monsters I killed and that didn't provide me with a key.
2. What's behind the door?

These questions also apply to the Enchantress Quest I did when I played the game for the first time, on Normal level. At the end there's also a bit locked off. Couldn't break through it.

Help is as always very much appreciated. When I'm not about to get killed I'm taking screenshots and hope to add to a proper guide once I figured out what it is I'm doing.

*) Where are the drumming goats when you need one?


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Not sure about that particular door but there could be a different way in. A smashable wall or something else. That's what is usually the issue behind non breakable doors.


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Thanks....so why do I have to portal out of it and isn't there a portal stone or indeed a portal door? Not really expecting anyone to know though it would be nice if someone knew.

One question leads to the next.

Moved on to act II - I think I know where I can find another infernal machine, but what do I do with that, more specifically, where? Also in New Tristram in the Healer's Hut? If so - how do I get there? I've not figured out how to travel between acts as you do in good old Diablo II. And when - need to complete act II first I imagine?

So many questions....that's even before the one I jotted down on Act V when I played that in normal mode which reads "what's the cloud - colour of the insides of fireworks - that appears when you step into those marshes?"


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Oh just more questions really
is it true that the Followers quests (and I'm including Shen in this one just for practical reasons) can only be done once?
I did them on normal level, am now on Torment 2 but they do not reappear sadly. I have managed to complete all their conversations but do the Followers quests reappear?

I can't find a straight answer (though I've searched) which is strange as it should be easier to answer than questions like "Will Eirena and Kormac ever get together?" or "Why did Lyndon's sister in law kill his brother?"