I need a good guide to a great summoner pk nec build


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max raise skeleton, skeleton mastery, raise skeletal mage, corpse explosion. Remember ce will prolly be your main killer. Big range ce > People and with amp they should be dead quickly unless you did something wrong.


Helm: I used a circlet whose stats i don't remember. Shako is a cheap and good alternative.

Weapon: Hoto or beast(beast is my preferred). Some people use AOKL for prebuff. I personally think it's a waste of time.

Weapon switch: Bo is always nice. Or use AOKL if you really want those stronger skeletons.

Shield: I used Homunculus cause it's got goot skills and block.

Rings: Sojs or fcr rings if your poor.

Amulet: Mara or some gawdleh rare/crafted.

Belt: Arach ofc

Boots: Dunno. I used Marrowalks cause of the +skeleton mastery.

Trang gloves: Gloves

Eni for armor ofc.

edit: Inventory:

9 of the best summon skillers you can get.
Best anni you can get.
Best torch you can get.
Rest is life scs i suppose.

^My godly guide better like it.
If you're still not happy Mod Edit: please don't refer to other sites got alot of guides. A few of them are a bit hard to read though.