I need 2h weapon selection help for my wolfie


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I need 2h weapon selection help for my wolfie

Hi everyone, I'm a lvl 86 fury/rabies hybrid wolfie and the 2 weapons I'm having trouble choosing between are the ebotd poleaxe and the non-ethereal 3 slot Tombreaver (with 2 40/15 and lo or something) Right now im using an ebotd zerker axe and I was thinking the poleaxe would be better against those damn smiters and hammerdins, but my resistances in hell, especially without a shield, are lacking. i was then thinking that i could maybe get a chains of honor (i wear enigma right now) incase i ever needed to fight any casters with my poleaxe, but is that enough? Maybe I'll even get a Mara's ammy? Or maybe I should focus more on my rabies damage? I haven't gotten my hand on a death's web or a psn facet monarch yet. Ah, I'm confused! :[


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Not a big rabies expert but I'd take range 5 GPA vs. smiters and barbs or sure. Resistance can be gotten elsewhere, such as boots, belt, charms, helm, etc, etc... Range is very important when dueling someone who has an advantage against you.



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Use a 2hander vs anything you cant block as in casters and smiters. Some say super rabies is better vs smiters. A good 2hander is either an eth 3sock tomb with 2 ed/ias jewels and zod, or an ebotd gpa. Both have its advantages.
Use enigma vs casters for the frw. Forti vs the rest. Some really pump the rabies damage with bramble.
I use a kiras for the res quite often. For amu its either highlords or angelics and rarely atmas.

edit: with super rabies i mean pumping the rabies with bramble, trang gloves, switch trick etc etc.


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Deninitly take the ebotd gpa over the non eth tomb.

you will get better damage and range imo with ebotd gpa , Plus if you can afford too waste 2 40/15 jewels in a non eth tomb you might as well save up till you find someone trading an eth tomb.