I Made A Little App To Calculate The Runewords You Can Make


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Am I doing something wrong in your app? I have tried to plug in numbers in all, some and known Runeword combos and I get no return from the app on the right. Do I have to use this on a PC, because I have been trying it with my phone?


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I tried Nef + Lum (-> Smoke) and it works on my phone (Android + Chrome), but I have no +/- buttons, so I had to enter the numbers by hand. It's a bit awkward on phones, so it's probably easy to make a mistake.


A few suggestions:
  • I prefer the runes to be sorted by upgrading order, so I suggest a sort function for ordering them in both manners?
  • Runeword descriptions should have the necessary patch version, i.e. 1.09, 1.10, 1.10 ladder, 1.11.


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Agreed, I prefer the runes to be in upgrade order, to make it easier to work with. Otherwise, a nice simple tool to work with.