i lost some items, explain me why


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i lost some items, explain me why

yesterday i tried to help someone with the ubers.

i fetched my assassin, tristram portal was very messed up with minions, so i had a few deaths (maximum 3) and then i rejoined the game, picked my corpse:

and when i looked at my char a stormshield, a spirit monarch and upgraded goreriders are gone! i joined tristram again to check if they lay around in tristram: negative..

well these items have all a high str req, was possible for me to wear em, by using guillaumes, ik belt, torch, or whatever, chars base str is something like 110-130, dont know exactly..

do you have any idea, how this could happen (i am sad about the up'd gores mostly)


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when you saved and exited d2 picks the corpse with the greatest gold value to keep, the others are lost
if you died multiple times and didnt retrieve all of the items from your corpses due to str glitch or if you picked up other gear along the way, then tried to pick up your corpse, some items were left in it

sorry about your loss