i know people do a lot of MFing, but what about GFing? ifr


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i know people do a lot of MFing, but what about GFing?

am i the only one who saves up lots of x% more gold? i decided to in act v of normal - since i'd found a lot of it... so i figured that i'd make a set of eq for gold finding - and stash it away in ATMA - then i could go gamble like a mad man with it when i want...

i the only one who does this?


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I don't try to make a specific Gold Find gear, but I do tend to find alot of it, like 1,000+ for one monster. And when you run the pit at players 8 you get alot of it. I usually just gamble it away when I get a extra 300,000 in my inventory. Gambleing is kind of a waste I think because the highest thing I've ever gambled was a Nokozan Relic.


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GFing was more common when the odds of gambling uniques and sets were much higher. However, with the return of dual-leech rings, GFing for circlet/ring/amulet gambling money is certainly not a bad idea. :)


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i don't specifically wear GF gear, but it helps that a lot of the good MF stuff has increased GF as well - Wealth runeword, Blade of Ali Baba, Gheeds Fortune, Chance guards - so that makes it easy to find piles of >10K gold off of a unique or champion. the council on the way to Meph is an especially good place for this, as are Baal's minions.


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For me, the useless high class items (+1 dex sacred armor or equivelent) I found along the way of MF brings me more gold than pure gold find along. Even things with really crappy mods (+5 mana on a orb requires level 76) can fetch for 35000 gold easy, apparently the game have a different idea of usefulness. :scratch:


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My brother was into the GF and gambling with his amazon back in 1.09. He wore Wealth, Stealskull, dual dwarfs, cow kings boots, goldwrap...yeah. Anyway, I thought it was kinda cool/unique. Not too many gold finders around back then.


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That'd be an interesting tourney. It wouldn't last very long, but to see who could amass 'x amount' of gold the fastest could be different.

Crazy Runner Guy

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I used to do Travincal runs back in 1.09 with my MF barb. He wore:

2x Ali Baba's (on swap and for Horking)
Dwarf Star
Stealskull (i think that adds GF)

Anyway, there's just something REALLY cool about killing a council and seeing 35k drop, or getting a hork to drop 30k+



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I normally GF when I'm at higher levels since you can store more money then. Everything else is as Crazy Runner Guy described. Horking a council corpse to see 30k in gold pop out is a wonderful sight.