I havve full Trang... Now what? Help Plz!!


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I havve full Trang... Now what? Help Plz!!

I just got full trangs and King Leoric Wand. What kinda Necro should I be. I was hopin that a Pvp Bone & Poison would work. Tell me what you think. And plz put up a Bone And Poison Guide Link on the next post please. I would really appreaciate it THX!!!

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Wow, you just got trang trangs and arm but still don't know what build you have. I know exactly what build I have but I don't have one piece of that set.

Mad Mantis

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We used to have a bunch of guides. The recent whipe cleared a lot of threads. But if you want to PvP you need to choose between Poison & Bone. Besides Trang's is not suited for PvP because of the fast cast bug.


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what he means by the fast cast bug, is that when wearing full trangs and in vamp style, there is a "bug" that slows down your faster cast rate. For PVP, you should be spamming the heck out of spells and such, so TO's really isn't for you until they fix it.

I laughed at cerebron's post, because I thought the same thing.




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One question, what is the point of using leoric for pvp bone or poison?

You'd be better off with a +3 p/b skills magic wand :p


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As Mad Mantis said, Trang's is not suitable to bonemancer or PvP play due to the fast cast issue. Likewise, AoKL is not a good bonemancer or poisonmancer wand. You'd be better off with some decent rare/unique gear if you want to go poison or bone.

For wands, bonemancers have a few options; my bonemancer uses a White runeword made in a +3 Bone Spear wand--despite being cheap to make, this wand gives three more points to Bone Spear than even the best uniques. Still, a lot of people like the Boneshade unique lich wand, which doesn't go so high on Bone Spear but gives better bonuses elsewhere (especially on curses) and 5% more fast cast. The Death's Web unique unearthed wand is also good for bonemancers and very good for poisonmancers.

Wands aside, I'd say your top priority for a bonemancer should be getting a Homunculus; for a poisonmancer, the Bramble runeword.

What you do have is excellent skelemancer gear. AoKL is a summoner's dream come true, and Trang's is great as long as your casting speed isn't important. Max out Raise Skeleton and Skeleton Mastery first, and plan to max Corpse Explosion eventually. You have a variety of choices for the rest of your skill points, which is the nice thing about skelemancer builds.