I have to make a choice


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I have to make a choice

I have been reading the Hybrid thread below and need to finally make a choice as to what type Amazon i am going to play. I have the following equipment:
Windforce (shael)
Upped Wichwild (shael & Nef)
Lionheart armor
Set boots w/ 40% FRW & double resists Rare boots w/ 30% FRW & triple resists
Thundergods or Nosferatu's or Razortail
Tal's Face or Steelskull
+2 skills prismatic ammy
Rare resists + life
Good enough shield

I am playing HC and am going to have to trade for a respec token because I have changed my mind too many times as to what type of zon to play as my equipment has changed. As of now I am playing a Hybrid w/ 20 LF & 20 Strafe but not enough points in the some of the side skills and too many in some others. What is the consensus opinion as to what is the safest play - all bow w/ strafe and Frozen arrow or Hybrid w/ LF & Strafe? I don't have enough points in Pierce to get my AR up and have too many in Penetrate with the Razortail belt on. Or, if I decide to get a faster strafe I am gonna have to use Nosferatu's and either Steelskull or insert a IAS jewel into Tal's Mask. All the while trying to keep up my resists. It is the typical delimma for a zon and I don't have the ability to trade for exactly what I want but have to play with what I have. I have played Diablo for many years and always wanted to play with a Windforce and now that I finally have one I am unable to make up my mind as to how to respec her for playing.

There doesn't seem to be a consensus but I am hoping that maybe one or several of you guys have a suggestion as to how to respec that will make sense to me and I can finally adjust to playing with the stats & skills placed in the best spots to take the best advantage of the equipment I have. Thanks in advance for the any advice.


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Re: I have to make a choice

Hybrid with LF/CS, 20 strafe. Enough into Critical Strike for 50% double damage. Pierce 70%. Penetrate enough to where you are not constantly running backwards fighting the trash mobs. Valk 1 or 15? This is difficult for me to suggest. If you are not an avid decoy caster to control the crowds, then perhaps a more durable Valk might help more, or you may choose to re cast both control the flow of the fight so 1pt would more than likely work fine. This will take away points from Jav skills, so a trade off.

If you plan to use Jav skills to kill the PI's/Boss, then you might not want to dilute skill pt distribution, and sacrifice pts in Valk. Boss killing quickly is less time for something to go wrong and kill your girl.

For most of what I stated above I don't see using the Cold skill path a good one. It can whittle away at PI's, but you have lost strong Boss killing. If you choose to use the bow to kill Boss, then Penetrate becomes more important. 50% hit rate to Baal will get you killed by tentacles, twin spawn, client side lag, not to mention the consequence of a soft Valk/Merc. Soft core not a problem.

I am sure others have better experience in HC and can advise.


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Re: I have to make a choice

For the most part, Strafers do not really rely on resists. I would try to get your hands on a pair of Gore Riders....the mods on it just scream STRAFE. Also, an Atma ammy, for the amp damage to help with PI's. Stealskull is good, for the leech and for the MF...but for questing, a Vampire Gaze might be a little better.


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Re: I have to make a choice

As far as amazon hybridization goes I really prefer fishy > gunslinger, *especially* if going HC.
First of all, the +skills gear for LF/CS complements FA MUCH more than Strafe. It's difficult to balance your gear between elemental and physical since it's all completely different mods, and you just end up with weaker versions of each. You could of course gear purely for the bow side and still have decent lightning since the skills are so powerful by themselves, but that brings me to my second point.
FA's ability to freeze (most) immunes in their tracks offers much more safety than strafe ever will, and that's a big consideration for HC. Damage is decent with enough ias using even only max FA without synergy if you want, as long as you geared for +skills which will also boost LF/CS. Also, the gear is cheaper and more flexible. This gives you extremely safe and gear independant skills for every occasion; LF for packs, CS for bosses/loners and FA for immunes, which as a bonus you get to fight ranged while negating their ability to fight back. The only problem enemies are still gloams/souls since they can't freeze, BUT with valk/decoy properly used FA is still a better alternative considering the splash damage is geometrically multiplied by pierce. Another tiny issue is light/cold immunes but fortunately they're rare and normally single, so they can either be avoided completely or simply jabbed.

Anyway, Ive played both hybrid builds and find FA complements lightning so much better than the physical bow skills. When I went with strafe I always felt like both my lightning and strafe were way too weak and I should have just went either pure bowa or just light/jab. Going with FA seems logical to me as it offers more advantages without severely weakening either side.