I have sinned!


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Last month, I got my first druid to Hell - enjoyed every bit of it too.
This month, I used my last respec to a Fire Claws build;
and hit a brick wall - against Fallens of all sakes.
The frustration quickly added up
and the progression came to a full on stop against a champion pack of Fallen Shamans.

In hopes to save myself from having to whack down another fallen with a measly 200~ physical damage;
I force-closed D2 to reroll socket recipes and runewords on several pieces of gear.
Rest of Act I breezed by with little to no trouble.

On my next play session though, I realized I had lost all my interest in playing that druid... figures...

I confess here and now that I have sinned - as per the forum rules.
The char himself and all loot found - even before the rerolls - are now all tainted, and therefore deleted.
I also give my first Cham ever found as an offering to the gods in hopes that my sins be cleansed.

lesson learned. lol.


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I suggest to whip your back for ten times with the scourge and you are probably forgiven... but strike hard, the gods are watching!


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Shame on me!

Just a thought,

I should've posted a picture of my bear walking through the camp of Bishibosh with "Shame!" comment on top of every Fallen. xD


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Haha. Honestly, I find that any type of save state, reroll, or many exploits take away the fun.
In Single player FPS's, they usually allow infinite save/reloads. Which is good, until you begin re-loading each time you waste a tiny bit of ammo, or lose some health. Same for D2. Part of the fun is that you can't always go back, and have to deal with things without simply re-rolling whenever you feel like it isn't strong enough.
I feel like that is similar to what you experienced.

Run a new char, read some guides and skill combinations, and come back stronger than before. D2 is a great game, and is actually quite deep when you get into optimisation (both twinked and untwinked,) and takes quite a lot of skill and patience when one wants to go down those paths. Or can take good positioning when trying a glass-cannon build. D2 can offer so much; just run another char, another build, and keep updating the character!

What character are you playing now?


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I've always stuck with casters, who had either a back up skill to deal with the immunes or just very little of them to begin with. Lack of planning combined with too liberal use of respecs led to my first ever re-roll, and loss of my first ever Cham rune - legitimately found.

I dumped the save folder along with the GoMule stash, and started my sept just last week.
Very little progression due to busy work schedule so far; but should be able to put in some good hours of playtime this weekend.

All in all, shame on me, lesson learned. =P