I have 40 pgems to trade


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I have 40 pgems to trade

I have 40 pgems to trade. I'm on US West ladder. I'm looking for anything in the list of suggested gear for a MF sorc below. I am having a hard time in HELL and need some equipment upgrades.

Suggested Gear:

Helm: Harlequin Crest Shako with socketed perfect topaz
Gloves: Magefist or Chance Guards
Boots: War Travelers or Silkweaves
Belt: Glooms Trap, Goldwrap, Arachnid Sash, or Crendendum Set Belt (good resist belt).
Armor: Skullders Russet Armor with Perfect Topaz, Tal Rasha’s armor with perfect topaz, or Enigma (Rune Word) Dusk Shroud
Rings: 2 Nagels (30mf) or 1 SOJ/1 Nagel or 40mf magic rings
Weapon: Occulus, try to socket with Ist rune, all resist jewel, or rainbow facet cold jewel

NOTE: If all gear was perfect you would have a potential of over 450 magic find.

Charms: (3) Plus one to Cold Skills
(3) Plus one to Fire Skills
(1) Annihulus small charm
(3) All resist 5 small charms
(3) Faster Hit recovery small charms
(3) 7% Magic find small charms with secondary modifications.


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I guess you will not get very far on your list with just gems to offer, but there are a few things you can afford:

Magefist or Chance Guards
Glooms Trap, Goldwrap, Arachnid Sash, Crendendum Set Belt
Faster Hit recovery small charms

Some of this stuff is for MF, which is not going to help if the problem surviving. What you may really need is a wiz spike and a decent shield.

I can get you started with Magefist for 10 gems if you want. I think I have the credendum too but need to check.



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Magefist sounds good. I found the Whistnam shield that I need to socket. Anything you can offer will help. MF stuff may help me find the other items.


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........40pgems and you're asking for shako tal armor ENIGMA?


Well maybe if you've 400pgems, no offense sory.

But i got a Crendendum belt a 34 chance guard and a rhyme grim shield.

Need them?


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Re: I have 40 pgems to trade

1x Magefist (6)
1x Chance Guard (6)
1x Gloom's Trap (4)
16x P.Gems

Let me know, thanks!