I got a dumb question...


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I got a dumb question...

Ok, this may sound dumb, and totally n00b, but where in the heck can I find how to edit my signiture, I would really like one, but Ive been in, and out of the user CP, and everywhere else, and cant find anything about a signiture. Am I just blind and missin it?


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To earn the privilege to have a sig you need to pay to keep this site running - check out available subscriptions here.


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Well that does stink, I would love to help support this site, but as Im only 15, I have no viable way to acually pay.

P.S. And no, im not going to ask my parents...



I think Sargent set up a P.O box you can send money to, search the OTF for more indepth stuff, but its basically for those without paypal access. Money order, or a check or something:
Sergeant Joshua Tripp
Attn: PAL Donation
P.O. Box 25162
Scott AFB, IL 6225

Real Name
Forum Name
Email Address
Instructions for disbursment
Instructions for how you want the money to be spread, basically.